We created Marketplace Mogul to become the go-to resource for all things offline and physical retail for entrepreneurs.

It doesn’t matter where in the world you’re running your business. We’re saying it loud and proud: physical retail is a path to success you just can’t be passing up in 2019.


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Whether you’re planning to launch your business, just starting out with a newly launched business, feeling like your existing business just isn’t doing as well as it should be, or feeling like online retail just isn’t your thing, we’re here to help you explore how you can use the world of offline and physical retail to earn more money and reach more people, no matter what industry you’re in.


We know you don’t have time for fluff.


Rents for physical retail spaces are high and you need to know your investment in a physical space will make you the money you want.

That’s why we take you straight into the detail you really need to know about whether exploring a specific offline or physical retail channel is worth your time.

Whether you need to know the pros and cons of a specific type of physical retail or whether you just need to know if your next pop-up event space has a place to park; through exclusive interviews with entrepreneurs, case studies, articles and videos, you’ll find exactly what you need to know at Marketplace Mogul.

With years of experience making dozens of brands successful in the New York events, pop-ups, markets and offline retail space, we’ve been lucky enough to find out through trial and error what works and what doesn’t – so you don’t have to learn the hard way.

Marketplace Mogul Founder Yoli Rapp
Yoli Rapp Founder Marketplace Mogul
Yoli Rapp Founder of Marketplace Mogul

I’m Yoli, and it was the biggest mistake of my business life that led me to start Marketplace Mogul.


The Rise

After years of being a top exec in corporate America, I took a deep breath, and made a huge step towards my dream of owning a clothing brand.

Cue the side hustle life. I started selling good-as-new designer clothing at New York City’s Grand Bazaar – one of the city’s most exclusive spots on the Upper West Side.

It was a success – but it wasn’t easy. Every single day taught me important lessons that now I realize every physical retail entrepreneur should know before even setting foot in the marketplace.

Why? Because the market gave me the opportunity to network with and sell to thousands of people, gain valuable feedback from customers and test every type of physical retail option there is. From flea markets to craft fairs, pop-ups to trunk shows, street fairs to my own mobile boutique – I tried it all.</

The Fall

And after experimenting with different types of offline retail options, I ended up with several beautiful, successful showrooms in LA and NYC housing my collections.

Eventually, it made sense to scale my business by selling wholesale to other boutiques. But building pressure from people I’d invited into my business led me to reject my gut feeling and create products I didn’t believe in.

I ignored years of experience, years of customer feedback and years of sales knowledge and poured huge amounts of money into a new collection that deep down, I didn’t believe would sell.

And surely enough, aside from a few pieces, the rest of the collection flopped. It flopped so hard and so fast that I had to close shop – several thousands of dollars poorer than I had started.

The Rebirth

Not trusting my gut was one of the biggest mistakes I ever made in my life. I’d failed to realize that my years as a vendor in a busy market gathering feedback directly from customers had made me an expert.

My mistakes and my eventual successful rebirth as market vendor, and now manager at three New York City locations, are the reasons why I am so passionate about temporary physical retail solutions and believe they have the power to transform any business.

After the ordeal of losing my business, markets and popups gave me the flexibility and exposure I needed to decompress but still earn money – fast.


Getting into the world of physical retail has helped thousands of entrepreneurs, like me, bring extra income into their business. It turned my business around, and the hundreds of entrepreneurs I’ve supported through my markets are living proof that it can turn your business around too.

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