Listen to any marketing and sales guru online and they’ll all give you their different versions of how to find new customers and increase sales for your business.

Some will say the best business strategy to increase sales is social media ads. Some will say it’s through events. Others will say it’s drop-shipping.

When it comes to finding new customers, it’s easy to get caught up in all of the advice out there. Maybe you’ve been posting on Instagram, updating your online store, maybe even running paid social ads. Or maybe you’ve tried going to a couple of pop-ups and markets, but your sales still aren’t where you want them to be.

And now, you’re wondering how to find new customers and increase sales for your business without it costing the earth and without spreading yourself too thin.

If this all sounds too familiar, then don’t give up. Throughout this post, we’ll be talking about how using a different mix of marketing activities, including markets and pop-ups, can be a great way of finding new customers and increasing your sales.

We spoke to NYC market pro, Paolo, founder and designer at Hatzumomo, an eco-conscious NYC clothing brand. Hatzumomo is all about creating beautiful, handmade goods using ethically made fabrics produced by indigenous artisans in Paolo’s native Philippines.

Eco-conscious brands like Paolo’s are all the rage right now, so we interviewed Paolo to see how he has managed to successfully and consistently generate sales within his business.


There’s no magic business strategy to increase sales overnight

The truth is, there’s no secret sauce or magic method you can apply that will reliably generate sales all the time – no matter what anyone tells you. With reach on social media at an all-time low, it confirms that things change all the time.

When it comes to making money, we’ll always advocate being flexible and adaptable, and using the channels that make the most impact to make your business a success.

From speaking to Paolo, we learned that:


1. Having visibility where you can make an impact is important

Marketplace Mogul Interview with Paolo Founder of Hatzumomo

In a world where brands need to embrace both online and offline sales, it’s easy to get lost in trying to be visible everywhere.

Talking to Paolo makes it clear that it’s important to understand what creates most of the impact in your business and streamline your activities to support those actions.

For Paolo, what works is using a mix of different activities to constantly attract new customers and drive a bigger volume of sales.

He has an Instagram account and website where he makes sales, but he also tells us how he sells wholesale and also ‘bounces around’ all the NYC flea markets. Why? Because all of these things give him better reach and visibility for his products while driving a healthy volume of sales.

Action: See where you’ve had the most sales. Was it through Instagram followers? Has it been through markets and popups? Was it a mixture of both? Do more of what has created the most impact for you so far.


2. You have to try different things to see what works for you

While some business owners choose to stick to one market location and build a loyal customer base there, visiting lots of different locations like Paolo does is another great way to get a feel for which market and which audience works best for you.

And more importantly, it allows you to gather feedback from real people who are looking at, touching and experiencing your product in all its glory to understand which products work and which ones don’t.


3. Doing your market research is important

Many business owners set up and wait for people to come to them. And this can work if you get your marketing right.

Paolo does both – not only does he focus on eCommerce, but he also takes his products in front of the people that he knows his brand will resonate with by participating at flea markets, events, and pop-ups.

The key thing here is to not just turn up anywhere. Spend time researching the neighborhood a market is in, as well as the demographics and spending habits of the kind of audience it attracts. If it looks like a good fit for your business, then submit your application.


4. Selling wholesale is a way to make more impact and take the pressure off

Paolo does a little bit of everything, but selling wholesale is one of the things that also supports him in achieving a consistent amount of income from his business.

With a couple of wholesale accounts on his roster, it means that he can be free to try new things and visit new locations without the pressure of needing to sell a certain amount direct-to-consumer to make up his costs.


The wrap up

Getting more customers is about focusing on what makes the most impact for your business. But the thing is, you’ll never know what makes the most impact if you don’t try different strategies.

As we learned from Paolo, it pays to have a strategy that covers different channels, and to diversify your income streams – whether you’re selling online, at markets or wholesale.

If you’re already selling online, trying out a marketplace or physical retail venture is exactly what you need to inject more sales into your business.


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